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Previous Printer Driver Release Notes - Windows 11/10/8/7

Release Notes - Printer Driver (Windows): 8.5.3

  • Fixed the driver uninstall. (WD-68)
  • Added support for BRA, ELPP and TEMPLATE file types. (WD-73, WD-74)

Release Notes - Printer Driver (Windows): 8.5.2

  • Fixed Print test page for all models. (WD-60)
  • Added support for BBZ file type. (WD-61)
  • Renamed Index-direct-Braille to Direct-Braille. (WD-65)

Release Notes - Printer Driver (Windows): 8.5.1

  • Updated embosser image resources quality. (WD-52)
  • Added support for EPUB file types. (WD-44)
  • Added support for DXB, IPF, BES, EBF and BRL file types. (WD-41)
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused double click on IBE files to result in extension error. (WD-49)
  • Fixed bug that caused closing the properties window to trigger an error. (WD-45)
  • Fixed bug that caused crash when using Windows 10 interface to access "Printer preferences" tab. (WD-30)
  • Removed support for TXT and RTF file types because they are problematic at extracting the content. (WD-32)
  • Removed the "Printer Properties"  and "Current Layout" tabs as Bi-directional support is disabled due to stability issues. (WD-27)

Release Notes - Printer Driver (Windows): 8.3.1

  • Fixed bug causing USB-transfers to timeout in rare cases.
  • Added alternative compatible IDs for Index Universal.

Release Notes - Printer Driver (Windows): 8.3.0

  • Added support for Index FanFold-D.

Release Notes - Printer Driver (Windows):

This driver version is required for Windows for support of .docx and .rtf formats for V5 embossers. (Support of .docx and .rtf requires latest V5 firmware to be installed in the embosser)

General information

Index-direct-Braille is included

Index-direct-Braille is automatically installed with the driver. If you require
an installer without Index-direct-Braille, please contact Index Braille

MSI-based installer

The installer for this driver is now based on MSI. This should alleviate most
of the problems of previous installers. If you require the specific MSI-
files, e.g. if you need to perform silent/automatic installs on a domain,
please contact Index Braille support.


Before proceeding to install version, please ensure that any previous
drivers are removed. The easiest way to do this is to run the driver-cleanup
available in ibPrint v7.0.0 and above. Since this driver includes Index-direct-
Braille, you will also need to remove any existing installation of Index-direct-

Once all previous drivers and Index-direct-Braille is removed, simply start the
installer and follow the instructions.