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Connect Index V5 to a Wi-Fi network-X

Setup communication with WPS (push button)
Most modern routers have support for WPS (Wireless Protected Setup), for more details about this please find this information in the routers manual. Typically the router has a WPS button and a WPS LED indicator, where a flashing led light indicates setup communication and lighted, established network communication.

  1. Enable Wi-Fi on the embosser: in MENU/ communication// Wi-Fi network/// select Wi-Fi network ON. The action will be verified by the embosser echoing  Wi-Fi network ON.
  2. Activate WPS on the embosser: (Wireless Protected Setup) in MENU/ communication// Wi-Fi network/// select Start Wi-Fi Protected Setup. The embosser will search for the Wi-Fi network; this may take approximately two minutes.  
  3. Activate WPS on the router (refer to the routers manual for help)
  4. Connection will automatically be established. The flashing Wi-Fi icon on the embosser control panel will indicate the ongoing connection process.  
  5. When the Wi-Fi connection is established, the embosser Wi-Fi icon on the control panel will be lighted.

Verify network address

Get the TCP/IP address by pressing HELP+10, the embosser will now echo the TCP/IP address (example If the echo is 0,0,0,0 no network communication is established.

Administration of IP addresses
For more information about available TCP/IP addresses in your network contact the network administrator.

Here are instructions on how to set-up a network.