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Printer port Network Setup-XN

How to setup a network with Index V4 embossers:

1. Press Start on your computer
2. Select Devices and Printers in the menu
3. Select Add a printer to start the installation wizard

4. Click Add a local printer

5. Select Create a new port and change the type of port to "Standard TCP/IP Port" and press Next. 

6. Enter the V4 embossers IP address (To identify the V4 embossers IP address press Help + 10) and press Next. 

7. Wait and allow Windows to detect the TCP/IP port

8. When prompted with the Additional port information required screen change nothing and simply press Next. 

9. Select Index Braille AB as the Manufacturer and then select the Index Braille embosser model under Printers, in which you will be embossing to. Press Next. 

10. If you already have the latest Index Printer driver installed select "Use the driver that is currently installed (recommended)." Press Next. 

11. Type a unique printer name. Press Next. 

12. If you do not want to share the printer select Next. 

13. Now you have successfully added network printing to your V4 embosser. Select the box shall you want to set the embosser as your default printer. Press Finish.