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Setup a TCP/IP port to an Index embosser-X

Check the Embossers current IP address:

Press HELP+10 and the embosser will echo the current IP address; for example in this format If the IP address is, no IP port is connected to the V5 embosser. Help+1 prints Network information in letter graphics and braille.

Make sure the latest Index printer driver is installed.
On your computer select:

  • Start/ All programs/ Index Braille
  • Ensure that the latest Index Braille printer driver is installed. If not download it here.

Setup the IP port to the Index embosser

  • Start devices and printers, select "Add a printer"
  • Select "Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer"
  • Press on "The printer I want isn´t listed"
  • Select "Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or host name" press next
  • Select Device type "TCP/IP Device", insert the IP number and press next (Wait quite long)
  • Select/ Generic Network Card press next 
  • Select Manufacturer Index Braille AB and your embosser model, press next
  • Select Use the driver that is currently installed (recommended), press next
  • Printer name, name the printer. The recommendation name in this case is BrailleBox V5 IP24, press next.
  • Select if this printer should be shared, press next
  • Press Finish
The setup of the TCP/IP port is now completed.

For instructions including screen shots of the setup process please visit Network Setup in our Knowledge Base.