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WiFi Setup with parameter file->

The WiFi network can now be set up by an ESC file. See below instruction:

  • Download the ESC_C-RegisterWiFi.ibe file.
  • Open it for edit in Notepad++.
  • Change network and password in above file, NETWORKNAME change to the name of your local WiFi network (no space and case sensitive) and change PASSWORD to your network password.
  • Save the file as .ibe file with your network name. In Notepad++
    • select Save as
    • select destination to save the file
    • change Type File Name to All types (*.*)
    • Type your personal file name, ESC_C-wifi-NETWORKNAME .ibe
  • Send the file to your Index V5 embosser by right clicking on the file, select Index-direct-Braille, your V5 embosser and press OK.  
  • Embosser feedback: pip, voice "connected to SSID (name) + IP address".
  • Press HELP+10 to get a voice message with SSID and IP address.
Link to parameter file