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Distributor improvements on all V4 embossers-X

User and service interface

  •  LED feedback from the front panel, the main (mother) board and LED board provide information regarding embosser status, position of sensors, communication etc.
  • The speech feedback language may switch between local languages and English  found on the front panel, making service on embossers with local languages easier.
  • Multilingual user manuals are available on the embosser and may also be embossed by the user.
  • Marketing and test documents are available for all embossers and may be embossed by the user.
  • The command center for settings and the monitoring of all user and service commands come directly from your PC.
  • Embedded web server to monitor embosser status, monitor and edit setup values, and upgrade embosser firmware/speech.
  • Automatic on-line firmware check and upgrade.
  • The internal operation system etc. may be downloaded from your computer, available also in the instance of complete removal of the program.
  • Save the embosser settings, serial number etc to the mini flash card, move all value to a new board simply by relocating the Flash card.
  • Local speech feedback is easier to develop, including few limitations in the number of words and the size of recorded speech files.
  • Embossing log files are available for monitoring embosser status and the status of the last embossed documents.

Mechanical construction

  • The V4 embossing head has the following significant improvements: individually exchangeable hammers (< 60 seconds), plastic foil in which holds the paper against the anvils is integrated as part of the Al-profile, and hammers with new bearing material in which increase the life cycle.
  • All screws and nuts are made following the best industry standards. 

Electronic hardware

  • The technical core of the V4 is a LINUX based computer combined with additional low level CPU's that control the embossing process. Basic-D and Everest are based on the same mother board and internal firmware.
  • The V4 main board also includes interface connectors. Therefore, it is no longer necessary for a separate interface board, cables etc.   
  • Energy saving settings may be adjusted from the front panel.
  • Main board temperature values are available in the log files.