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Basic-D V4 improvement list-X

The production date on each embosser is noted on the serial number label on the underside of the black lid or on early units it is placed under the embosser.

2013-04-11 New Bottom Plate, part no 2009. Better grounding with screw through mainboard.

2013-03-22 Mainboard -7 from sn:55987

2013-03-05 Firmware 1.4.2

2012-10-26 Black plastic bracket for holding the tractor jam paper sensor, part no: 2262.
After this holder the paper jam function is enable in the embosser firmware. Older units with the sensor mounted on a steel has not a stable function and should not be used.
File to set paper jam sensor on
File to set paper jam sensor off

2012-10-03 Firmware 1.4.1

2012-03-29 Firmware 1.3.9 Embossing head reference sensor mounted on side plate.
In earlier units the embossing head reference position was generated by moving it against the wall, this created a noise which is eliminated by this sensor. This function cannot be upgraded on earlier units.

2012-03-01 Main board V4 (no 1360 A6) with extra development connector

2011-07-01 Firmware 1.2.0 and EXT2 format on 2GB SD memory. The previous SD memory format sometimes froze in read-only mode, which stopped the embosser. Upgrade to 1.2.O from 1.1.x has to be made with SD card upgrade.
Instructions for SD card upgrade 1.1.x to 1.2.0 or higher.