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Clear a paper jam - Braille Box-X

Steps for clearing a paper jam in Braille Box:

  1. Power off the embosser and disconnect the power supply cord. 
  2. Open the braille tray and loosen the lock for access to the service door. Open the service door. 
    Now you have access to the complete paper track and embosser tower.  
    • There are two places where the paper may be jammed:
      • Within the paper feed arms (paper arm) located in the roof of the embosser, or
      • Within one of the three embosser heads toward the front of the Braille Box. 
  • If alternative 1, paper arms:
    1. simply remove the paper and start up the embosser again. 


  • If aternative 2, embosser heads:
    1. Remove the paper manually by rotating the papaer rollers axle until the paper is removed from the paper track.
    2. In the event that the paper, or a piece of paper, is stuck within an embosser head:
    •  Loosen the embossing head axle (remove the steel locking ring) and remove the embosser head completely from the embosser tower. This will include disconnecting the embosser head ribbon cable. 

​               3. Now clean the embosser head from any paper that may be lodged within the module.

               4. Insert the embossing head, make sure the axle is properly locked, the embossin head                          ribbon cord connected and the head in position on the stepper motor gear wheel and                          support bearing. 

  • Close and lock the service door and close the braille tray.
  • Now test the paper feed process by pressing on Feed + Feed on the front panel of the embosser. If the paper passes the paper track and releases to the braille tray the paper jam has properly been cleaned.