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IbPrint 6 drag-and-drop icon-X

Add/delete files to and from a list for embossing, set number of copies of the documents and even make simple Braille translations if using OpenOffice Writer files (rather experimental).

Supported files are: pef, txt, odt, brf, bbf and ibe which may contain Firmware, Braille tables and speech files. 

Files can be dragged to the icon on the desktop or to the opened program itself. It is also possible to right click on a file in an explorer window and use the send to menu option to add files to IbPrint.


The Graphical User Interface

Illustration 1: The graphical user interface

To add files to IbPrint: Drag a file or files to IbPrint or press the “Add”-button to browse for files.

To remove a file press the “Remove”-button.

To remove all files choose menu item File/Remove all files from the list.

The “File info”-button shows some information about a selected file and the first 50 characters of the first 14 lines of the file.

Emboss to file creates a file with all bytes that would have been sent to the embosser. A unique number and .prn is added to the document name. This file is saved in the same folder as the original document.

Embosser list can be updated by selecting “- Update embosser list -”.

Menu item “Help/About” is useful to see where the settings file is stored and to show what code page is used when reading txt-files.


Menu item File/Options shows a settings dialog (Illustration 2).


Illustration 2: Options dialog

- Allow only one instance of IbPrint: If not checked the send to option when right clicking on a file will start a new instance of IbPrint. This may result in several opened IbPrint application, cluttering the screen. Some like it that way but most of us don't.


- Append files: If checked the sent to option when right clicking on a file will add the file to the list in IbPrint. If not checked the current file will replace existing files in the list.

- Top margin: Top margin for PEF-documents.

- Binding margin: Binding margin for PEF-documents.

- Show copies: Check this option for setting number of copies to emboss of all files in list.

- Show info button: Show/hide the Info button.

- Show emboss to file: Show/hide the emboss to file check box.

- Show only Index embossers: When checked only Index embossers are shown in embossers list.

- Code page for text files: Set the code page to use when reading a plain text file.

- Code page translation file: Choose a file for translating one code page to another.

- Characters per line: Is used when embossing Open Office Writer files.

- Lines per page: Is used when embossing OpenOffice Writer files.

- Translation table: Is used when embossing OpenOffice Writer files.