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Translate V5 user interface-X

V5 user interface translation

  • The Qt Linguist editor is used for the translation. The sentence-list will be version handled and new or changed sentences will be marked
  • The user interface of Index V5 embossers, includes about 500 sentences
  • Acapela supports; English (US, UK, Australia, India, Scottish), Arabic, Danish, Dutch (Belgium, Nether land) Finnish, Catalan, Czech, French (Belgium, French, Canada), German, Greek, Italian,  Japanese, Korean, Chinese-Mandarin, Norwegian, Polish,  Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Spain, US), Swedish (Sweden, Finland), Turkish
  • There is a choise of voices in most languages

Qt Linguist editor

The editor is used for translation of local speech and follows the de-facto user interface standard.
  • The speech feedback is organized in four contexts; Embosser, Error, Menu and Properties. Some of the sentences in English are repeated, but in different context.
  • Green check mark = translated and technical OK
  • Yellow question mark = computer translated, need to be verified
  • Grey question mark = need to be translated
  • Red exclamation sign = technical error, (%1, not allowed character)
  • ctrl+enter = confirm translated sentence and move to next
  • A comma "," in translated text = a pause in the speech output

Make your local speech

  • Install Qt Linguist editor from https://github.com/thurask/Qt-Linguist/releases/download/20150629/linguist.exe
  • Open the speech source file for your local language. The name format is embosser_de_de.ts first de = language, second de = country/region
  • Translate the sentences in each context; Embosser, Error, Menu and Properties.
  • Save the translated Qt Linguist file and mail it to development@indexbraille.com
  • At this stage Index mail an instruction of how the new speech interface languag will be installed on your V5 embosser. The upgrade will use Remote support technology and it is therefore neccessary that the printer is connected to Internet.
  • Verify the local speech feedback, if necessary updat of theQt Linguist file and inform development@indexbraille.com
  • The local speech will be published by next firmware release.

Use Acapela web page for testing

  • Go to http://www.acapela-group.com/
  • Select your language/region and voice 
  • Test the voice output in Acapela web site
  • Send an email to development@indexbraille.com with information about selected language/region and voice