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V5 control panel characteristics-X

The V5 control panel is an improvement to the V4 models. It includes a much cleaner electric mechanical design element that is rather appreciated during production and service to the braille embosser.

The control panel by layer

The base, or bottom layer, of the V5 control panel is an active electronic PCB for the key commands, LED lighting and text lighting. In consideration that the control panel includes connectors to each of the different product layer's and thus functions, the number of cables directed to the main board (mother board) is reduced in order to simplify the construction of the braille embosser and therefore any potential servicing of the embosser.

The back lighting provides information text and warnings.  The following indications are found on all V5 embosser models: Bluetooth, Wifi and Network connections, idB, updates, paper jam, error, or out of paper.

Embosser model specific back lighted text includes indications for:
Basic-D V5-  paper position and activity, print head position, fan activity
Everest-D V5- paper position, paper feed, print head position
BrailleBox V5- paper position, braille stack, paper tray, braille tray, service door

Upon receiving any of the warning messages, a user may receive further instructions by pressing the blinking HELP key.

The middle layer, within the control panel, is a silicon layer which guides the key and text lighting. All of this is then covered by the front overlay which acts as the design element with 1.5 mm high separated keys (easily identifiable for sighted and blind). Additionally located above each key is braille text for our visually impaired users to identify the key function.