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1366 - New type of V5 embosser

September 2022 Index has launched a new type of the V5 embossers called 1366. The previous V5 embossers are called type 1365 and the main difference between the two types is the main board. The reason for developing this new type of board was because we needed to replace the WiFi/Bluetooth module.

Replaced parts between type 1365 and type 1366

The following parts have been replaced between the two types of embossers.
  • Main board 1365 have been replaced with main board 1366A
  • The back plate for the Basic-D is replaced by a new back plate
  • The interface plate for the Everest-D is replaced by a new interface plate
  • New USB media that have been cleaned up.

Differences between mainboard 1365A and 1366A

Replaced components on 1365A board
  • CPU – Atmel ARM9   / 180 MHz 
  • RAM memory  - 64MB SDRAM 
  • WiFi / Bluetooth – u-blox
  • SD card – 8GB 
The components are replaced with the following:
  • New SoM (System On Module) board from Variscite – VAR-SOM-6UL
    • CPU – NXP iMX6ULL / Cortex-A7 / 1 core / 900MHz 
    • RAM Memory – 512MB DDR3L 
    • WiFi – 802.11 b/g/n (only 2.4Ghz)  + / Bluetooth 5.1/BLE 
    • eMMC – 8GB (replace the SD card)
For the new board we have also added a dip switch that is used for service and to reprogram the eMMC memory.

Firmware differences

The functionality in the firmware is the same for the two types.
Since the SD card have been replaced by the eMMC memory we have a new firmware recover routine for type 1366.
There is also some news regarding the offline update from USB. We need multiple files for an offline update so the zip file that now is downloaded needs to be extracted to a USB media.