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Automated Braille Tray

In the previous version of BrailleBox, the braille tray was setup so that users had to manually open the door. This was done by pushing with force in a particular spot on the glass door in order to trigger the door to retract and open. Users found that this method was sometimes difficult, especially for those that are visually impaired.

In BrailleBox V5 the braille tray is opened and closed by simply pressing the DOOR key on the front control panel of the embosser. Both sighted and blind users can easily locate the DOOR key as the control panel is labeled with both text and braille. The mechanics behind the door's new seamless motion was the implementation of an electric linear actuator.

The new additions in detail

An electric linear actuator was the perfect solution to offer simple, safe and clean movement with accurate and smooth motion control, only by the simple press of a button. A linear actuator is said to have a long lifetime and with little or no maintenance at all. We found this to be equally as important as we thrive to build braille embossers that last.

An embedded security function has also been applied to avoid the pinching of any articles in the braille tray door. The door will automatically pick up if any obstacles, commonly fingers, remain in way of the door upon closure. In the event that any obstructions remain, the door will not close and re-open itself.