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Braille on cut sheet paper

This sheet fed production braille embosser continues to lead braille on cut-sheet paper into the future alongside modern day ink printers.

Braille on cut sheet paper offers:

  • reduced braille book production time (compared to traditional tractor fed methods) - Read more about embossing hassle-free braille books.
  • the usage of standard office paper (minimum 150 g/m2) - this is more readily available; found in local supply stores & available for a fraction of the price compared to special braille paper.

The BrailleBox V5 sheet feeder uses fixed paper sizes. For ideal braille production embossing with BrailleBox V5, use booklet format with A3 or 11x17" paper sizes. B4 and 11.5x11" may also be used for production braille embossing. The paper tray holds approximately 400 sheets of paper.

History behind the finest sheet feeder

The basis for construction of the successful BrailleBox was to find a suitable sheet feeder on the market.

As a matter of fact, the development of a sheet feeder is so complex and expensive that this type of investment may not be justified in the braille embosser niche market alone. After many years of research and searching, Index management had finally found a sheet feeder in which was earlier used by hp in the 90's and after this not used.

Index Braille succeeded to later purchase not only the design of the sheet feeder,  but also the production rights and the injection molding tools (in total 21 metric tons!). The BrailleBox sheet-feeder has then been optimized for paper weight of above 120 gram/square meter- the recommended paper weight to support the braille dots on paper.

As the complete design and operations of this sheet feeder is the property of Index Braille, we can continue to produce the BrailleBox for many years to come.