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The translation and formatting of text-to-braille in idB is done by the Liblouis framework. Therefore, it is necessary that the required language is available and approved in Liblouis. As Liblouis is an Open Source project, it is possible to make fine adjustments to the braille translation tables as needed. Please contact us for development in your language if currently not available. 

Link to updated web page with Liblouis text to Braille translation languages
Link to Liblouis open source braille translator 
Link to github.com Liblouis tables 3.3
Link to fork a repo. Describing Fork the repository, Make a fix, Submit a pull request to the project owner 

How to contribute - Liblouis 
A summary of how Liblouis open community is organized and how to contribute. 

The liblouis framework aims to provide forward and backward translation of braille, i.e. translating text to braille and translating braille to text. It has support for a large number of languages and there is a fairly good documentation for creating new braille translation rules, a.k.a. braille tables. For general information regarding Liblouis, check out the Liblouis homepage http://liblouis.org.
For writing tables for Liblouis check out the following resources:
1) http://www.liblouis.org/documentation/liblouis.html
    Official documentation, it gives a good overview of the available tools and file-format.
2) http://snaekobbi.github.io/liblouis-table-spec/
    More detailed documentation of the table-specification language used in the table files. It should be noted that it's a work in progress so it might not be complete in particular languages!
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