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This is Everest-D V4

The Braille embosser Everest-D V4 began as a brave idea that has truly come alive. Everest-D is the most versatile braille embosser on the market. As a sheet fed, double sided desktop braille embosser it is ideal for both personal and volume braille production use.

Everest-D easily remains market leading in its segment. It is a completely new braille printing product for the market including finely tuned parts, combined functionality of earlier Index embossers and an admirable automatic magazine format.

The birth of a new standard

Index Braille created the idea of this desktop braille embosser in the 1980s in which was sheet fed and double sided all for a competitive price. To truly appreciate this idea, Index Braille sought after a reasonably priced sheet feeder in which was double sided. A modern speech feedback interface was also to be implemented. Was it possible to create a standing printer? 

Now nearly three decades later Everest has become Everest-D, a truly versatile and flexible braille embosser meeting all market and customer demands in one single braille embosser.

Best braille technology

In 2011 Everest-D V4 was introduced. Index V4 braille embossers are easier to use than ever; with a longer lifespan, simpler servicing options, best price guarantees and functionality this is unmatchable for competitor products.

Everest-D V4 boosts the best Braille technology in a single sheet fed embosser available, and will continue to do so in its segment for years to come.

Now available is the exciting high resolution tactile graphics capabilities with the combination of TactileView design software.