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Index-direct-Braille for Windows

For the first time ever it is possible to print braille in Grade 2 Braille without going through a Braille editor. After installation of Firmware 1.5.3, the Index-direct-Braille file and Index printer Driver 8.xx, simply click on your Word or PDF file to emboss it. The Index V4 embosser receives the PDF/Word file, translates it to Braille (default English Grade 2) and formats it to your embosser setup.
Index-direct-Braille was developed to quickly emboss Braille from simple PDF and Word documents consisting of headers, text and bullet lists. In the case of any complex documents including tables, mathematics etc Index Braille then recommends the use of a traditional Braille editor.
Windows 7 or 8, XP or Vista
Index V4 embosser (Basic-D, Everest-D or Braille Box)
Index Printer driver 8.1 or higher
How to install Index-direct-Braille
  • Upgrade your V4 embosser to the latest firmware ( 1.5.3 or higher) . Read the upgrade instruction for the latest firmware carefully. 
  • Install the latest Index Printer Driver ( version 8.1.0 or higher). Index-direct-Braille is included in the installation of the latest driver. Read the installation instruction for the latest driver carefully if you have an older version of the driver installed ( lower the 8.1.0)
  • Restart your computer
  • Select your Liblouis translation language and grade from front panel menu of the embosser
  • Set your braille document layout on the front panel of the embosser. See setup instructions
How to use Index-Direct-Braille for Windows:
Close your Word/PDF file
Right click on the file selected and a window with the V4 Embossers you have access to will be presented. Select the embosser you wish to print with and click OK.
The file will now be transferred to the embosser as a PDF/Word file (Currently PDF and Word 97-2003 format). Index-direct-Braille supports documents of up to 1000 black print pages.
The file is received by the V4 embosser and the translation/formatting/page numbering processes will take about 60 seconds for a normal document of ten pages black print. During this process the embosser peeps to signal activity.
The Braille embossing starts following the selection of paper size, braille options, braille layout and Liblouis settings.
After the first copy is completed you may as normal use the copy function of the menu to make additional copies.

Note: Index V3 embosser models and older are not supported by Index-direct-Braille. Competitor products are additionally not supported by idB.