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Braille PDF/Word files directly in Windows

Index-direct-Braille for Windows


Before embossing braille from a PC has been necessary to purchase, install and setup a Braille editor such as Duxbury or similar. This because the text has to be translated into grade 1 (literary) or grade 2 (contracted) Braille and formatted in to the size of the Braille paper before embossed. In addition to the additional cost about 600 usd, the installation requires technical and may create formatting issues if not setup correctly. In most cases the Braille editor installation has to be made by an external resource.

Basic function of Index-direct-Braille

The setup of the embosser (page size, character per line, lines per page, duplexing etc.) is as normal made from the front panel with the only addition to also select Liblouis translation language and grade.

By using the Liblouis braille translation open source platform many braille languages are already available in Index-direct-Braille. If needed new languages may be added or translation optimized with by the local blind organization.

How to install and use

Index V3 embosser models and older are not supported by Index-direct-Braille. Competitor products are additionally not supported by idB.