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An even better Basic-D

Basic-D V4 has been completely re-designed based on customer feedback, production and service experience from previous versions. New features to look forward to are:

  • A sideways printing mode is implemented.
  • The number of characters per line are increased to fit all paper sizes without any margins.
  • The paper edge sensor is changed to a standard optical sensor from the mechanical switch on the tractor
  • The paper movement sensor is changed to a standard optical sensor at which detects the movement of the paper
  • The back plate has the following improvements:
    - easier, more stable assembly
    - no electronic connectors on the back plate
    - new, more stable paper rollers with bearings
  • Cooling: the fan is moved from the back plate to internal montage
  • Re-design of the tractor profile replaces the plastic profile
  • The side panels are connected with 3 screws to improve stability
  • The height of the opening when the back plate is removed is increased by 10 millimeters; this space allows for an easier replacement process of the embosser head and main board.
  • The tractor axles are re-designed in order to remove them by simply opening only one side panel of the embosser
  • Lower weight 7.6 kg
  • Separate switched power supply 100-264 Volt