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Index-direct-Braille (idB)

Index-direct-Braille (idB) is a built-in function within Index V4 and V5 embossers and corresponding printer drivers. With idB, for the first time ever it is possible to directly print standard files such as:
  • .docx
  • .doc
  • .pdf
  • .brf
Users may emboss the files in either Grade 1 (literary) or Grade 2 (contracted) braille. The braille printout is formatted to the braille page size and layout settings set in the braille embosser automatically. This is available without the use of, and additional cost of, a braille editor. idB is free of charge and the text-to-braille files may be adapted to many languages through the Liblouis open source project.  

idB is attractive due to its simplicity. Once the V5 Index braille embosser is set up with paper size, characters per line, lines per page, margins, duplexing, page numbering, text-to-braille translation language, you are then ready to start embossing braille. idB offers a modern multi-platform concept that enables you to emboss your files from Windows, Mac or Linux. In fact, idB is the 'first' commercial braille printing application to support printing from a Mac or Linux computer. 
  • idB is free of charge.
  • Uses standard communication protocol.
  • A V5 embosser connected to idB can connect to a network, offering braille printing access for all LAN members on the network. 

Brailling with idB is easy. After the file is transferred to the V4 or V5 embosser, there will be a short delay (about 5-10 seconds) during which the embosser beeps and the file is being converted to braille. Then it prints out automatically.
  1. Install idB
  2. Setup the V4/V5 embosser for idB
  3. Print Braille with idB

Requirements for using idB
How to edit text-to-Braille files (Liblouis)

Index-direct-Braille vs. Braille editors 

  Index-direct-Braille Commercial Braille editor Freeware Braille editor
Cost for each user Free Approx. 600 USD Free
Cost for upgrade Free Annually, approx. 195 USD Free
Windows support Yes Yes Yes
Mac support Yes No No
Linux support Yes No No
User defined Braille translation Yes via Liblouis org Typically no Maybe
User support Yes Yes No
Support for simple documents Yes Yes Yes
Support for complex documents No Yes Maybe
Support for graphics No No No
Support for math No Yes Yes
Support for screen readers (e.g. JAWS) Yes Yes No
Proofreading/edit translated braille as text No Yes Yes
Proofreading/edit translated braille with six-key entry No Yes No
Location where braille translation is processed Embosser PC PC

Note: Index V3 embosser models and older are not supported by Index-direct-Braille. Competitor products are not supported by idB.